What is the maximum rows and columns supported


What is the maximum records open source version supports?

We use 100,000 rows and 60 columns

6Million records. Is js-xlsx open source version has support for it?


As of version 0.9.13:

In nodejs, the XLSB and XLS formats easily support the specified dimensions. Just tested with an XLSB file with the specified dimensions and the xlsx command took 11 seconds to produce a CSV.

The XLSX runs into a hard 256MB file limit (see https://github.com/nodejs/node/issues/3175 for a discussion), which based on my tests comes to about 5M cells total.

Web browsers have a lower limit. We haven’t done precise tests but 1M cells works in Chrome.

We will need to rework large parts of the XLSX parsing to avoid hitting the limit.


In chrome, for 100K rows and 54 columns when I uploaded the file which uses XLSXReader.utils.to_json(workbook)

I received page unresponsive dialog box from chrome browser.